Development Team

We are thrilled to announce the new DC Velo Development Cycling Team (DC Velo DCT) for junior riders. The 2018 DC Velo DCT will be made up of Iain MacKeith (16), Luca Scuriatti (15), Alex Kasch (16), Andrew Nelson (16), Gregory Cordasco (17), and Hunter Smith(17). The team will be managed by David Butterworth, directed by Ryan McKinney and mentored by the category 1/2 racers on DC Velo’s senior racing team. The mission of the DC Velo DCT is to help develop riders by providing race mentorship from an experienced racing team. We will race together in category 1/2/3 local races as well as provide support and guidance for the juniors at local category 3, regional, national, and international junior races. We want to bring each rider’s skills to the next level, train them to handle longer distances than are typical of most junior races (participating in both junior and senior category races), develop good teamwork, match up with the stronger, junior-elite competition, and win races. DC Velo DCT members are required to maintain above average grades at their respective schools and adhere to the core values of DC Velo. Funding for the team is provided through the very generous contributions of DC Velo club members to the DC Velo Outreach Foundation.

Alex Kasch Image

Alex Kasch

Alex is a sophomore at Yorktown High School. He is interested in engineering in school and has always enjoyed building things and learning how they work. He also has an interest in music and played trombone in the band for several years. His inspiration to ride stems from a family vacation to Europe in 2012. He and his family saw a couple stages of the Tour de France that year and he was amazed by how much could really go into a bike race. What drives Alex to train and compete is his eagerness to improve. He loves looking at his past results and seeing the progress made. His favorite healthy snack is watermelon, especially after a long ride, and his favorite meal before a race Asian pork with rice noodles and broccoli. A few of his goals for this season are to podium at a national championship, make a trip to race in Belgium, and to improve tactically.

Iain MacKeith Image

Iain MacKeith

Iain MacKeith is a sophomore at George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church, VA. His favorite classes are Math and Science, but he also enjoys Art and Stem Engineering because he likes making things. Iain first started riding with his parents for fun, and quickly realized that had a need to race. He is motivated to train and race because it allows him to forget about everything that is going on around him and focus solely on being on his bike and being in the moment. Iain’s favorite meal is his mom’s chicken pot pie and his favorite on-bike snack is a bacon, egg, and brown sugar rice portable. His main goal for 2018 is a top 3 finish at a stage of Valley of the Sun and a top 5 finish at nationals.

Andrew Nelson Image

Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson is currently attending McLean High School as a freshman. His academic focus is Science because it is an ever-changing subject, and answers aren’t as rigid as other subjects. He got his start in cycling from a background running. While out on a run some mountain bikers flew by him and he thought that looked way more fun, and after 4 years of riding bikes, and 3 years of racing, he has decided that he was right. Today, he keeps riding and racing for the incredible adventures and places riding a bike can take you, for his love of competition, and his desire to take on bigger and better challenges. His favorite meal is breakfast tacos, especially with a bit of maple syrup, with his go to desert being anything chocolate. Andrew’s goal this season is to show up to every race confident and prepared, and to finish every race having done his best for both himself and the team. Through these efforts he also hopes to achieve, or help a teammate achieve, a top 10 at Road nationals, in either the criterium or road race.

Luca Scuriatti Image

Luca Scuriatti

Luca Scuriatti is from Washington, DC, and is a freshman at the Miller School of Albemarle in Virginia. He enjoys world history and learning about different cultures past and present. His Italian heritage meant an early introduction to the world of cycling and he credits Rock Creek Velo junior club with building his skills and passion for racing. Maybe it also had something to do with riding with zebras and kudu in South Africa where he lived for a few years (always had to go fast in case the ostriches were coming!). Luca is known for packing an apple in his jersey for a quick snack. As a MABRA cyclocross champion and a medalist in last year’s U14 national criterium, Luca’s 2018 goals are to gain team experience and be 10 upgrade points away from Cat 2 in both disciplines by the end of the season.

Gregory Cordasco Image

Gregory Cordasco

Gregory Cordasco is a junior at Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, N.J., who has been around bikes since the day he was born, as his dad owns a bike shop and runs one of the largest clubs in the state of New Jersey. In school, his favorite subjects are English and Government & Economics because he enjoys reading, writing and understanding how our country is run. Throughout elementary and middle school, Greg tried multiple different sports like baseball, Soccer and Basketball, but nothing came close to the exhilaration and freedom of riding and pushing the limits on a bicycle. He has been in love with it since he competed in his first race at nine years old. Over the years, he has won multiple New Jersey state titles in the road race, criterium, and track omnium. He has also won two national titles and 10 national medals on the velodrome in the omnium, individual pursuit and team pursuit, and raced in Belgium. As a healthy snack, he enjoys all kinds of fruit and bell peppers. His goals for the 2018 season are to win a Pro1/2/3 race, ride a 3:33.00 3k pursuit or faster and to be able to race in Europe again.

Hunter Smith Image

Hunter Smith

Hunter Smith is currently a junior at Frostproof High School in Frostproof, FL. His favorite class is anatomy. He began riding when he realized he liked the bike portion of triathlons far more than the run or swim. He is motivated by the competitive aspect of racing. Hunter’s favorite meals are chicken tacos or burritos. In 2018, he hopes to place top 5 in the road race or crit at Nationals or Valley of the Sun.