The mission of the DC Velo Outreach Foundation is to engage in and promote cycling safety, education and mentoring. This is accomplished by partnering with, sponsoring and/or fundraising for like-minded organizations that directly and positively impact individuals involved in cycling as a sport, recreation or rehabilitation.

Message From the President

Hello cycling enthusiasts and advocates! Welcome to our corner of the DC Velo webpage! Here is where you can read about our current projects and contact us if you want to get involved or donate directly to us or our partners.

The DC Velo Outreach Foundation was incorporated in 2007 as a 501 c(3) non-profit corporation, registered in the District of Columbia. Membership is open to all who will make the commitment to actively participate in our cycling safety, education and mentoring projects.

The Foundation grew out of a response from our team’s desire to give back to the community, following the loss of one of our teammates, Carl Dolan, in 1999. Carl died of heat exhaustion during the 1999 District 20 Time Trial Championship in Church Creek, Maryland. Carl was a dedicated and enthusiastic member of our club, and, more importantly, a warm, loving caring individual who loved his family and friends.

Carl is survived by his wife Nina and three sons: Tom, Nick and Pete. To help ease his family’s loss, the Club began raising money for their son’s college costs. Beginning in about 2003, the Club raised over $15,000 per year and provided scholarships for each son. Once that fundraising was accomplished the Club felt the need to go beyond its members and search out others who may benefit from our years of cycling and community charity. Our projects have touched children, other cyclists in the MABRA racing community and  injured and active duty vets. Our spirit of giving has grown in recent years and our 2015 season will widen our presence in the “DMV” as we partner to host a charity ride for the Ride2Recovery Program, which is a national and international non-profit organization.

Come and spend some saddle time with us at one of our upcoming events!  


Catherine Ferguson