Current Projects

The DC Velo Foundation is proud to work on a number of key projects.

Development Team

We are thrilled to announce the new DC Velo Development Cycling Team (DC Velo DCT) for junior riders. The 2018 DC Velo DCT will be made up of Iain MacKeith (16), Luca Scuriatti (16), Alex Kasch (16), Andrew Nelson (16), Gregory Cordasco (17), and Hunter Smith(17). The team will be managed by David Butterworth, directed by Ryan McKinney and mentored by the category 1/2 racers on DC Velo’s senior racing team. The mission of the DC Velo DCT is to help develop riders by providing race mentorship from an experienced racing team. We will race together in category 1/2/3 local races as well as provide support and guidance for the juniors at local category 3, regional, national, and international junior races. We want to bring each rider’s skills to the next level, train them to handle longer distances than are typical of most junior races (participating in both junior and senior category races), develop good teamwork, match up with the stronger, junior-elite competition, and win races. DC Velo DCT members are required to maintain above average grades at their respective schools and adhere to the core values of DC Velo. Funding for the team is provided through the very generous contributions of DC Velo club members to the DC Velo Outreach Foundation.


Since 2010, the DC Velo Outreach Foundation has teamed up with Ride2Recovery (R2R), an organization founded to benefit the mental and physical rehabilitation of wounded active duty and veterans, featuring cycling as the core activity. Cycling is an important part of the recovery and rehabilitation of these men and women who serve our country for two primary reasons:

1) cycling is an activity that almost all healing heroes with mental and physical disabilities can participate.
2) participation in the Ride2Recvery Program helps speed up the recovery and rehabilitation.

Our involvement to date:

In 2011 we had a contingency of approximately 15 teammates to ride alongside the healing heroes on Day One at the 2011 Memorial Challenge. Later in 2011, the Foundation partnered with R2R and hosted the 2011 Pentagon Cyclefest to raise money for R2R and ride alongside the healing heroes on the last day of the 2011 American Challenge from the World Trade Center to the Pentagon. Ongoing: Since 2011, we have mentored many of the participants at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Project HERO Program, by riding alongside on Saturday morning rides as they trained for their multi-day challenge rides.

In 2012, we raised enough money to purchase an Exit Fit Cycle for the WRNMMC Project HERO Program, so that all new and current participants could be custom fitted on their bikes--uprights, recumbents, or hand cycles-- to accommodate all injuries and abilities.

In 2014, a very generous teammate donated over $5,000.00 to purchase all the day-to-day equipment needed to fit and maintain the WRNMMC Project HERO Program cycles so the participants could train year round for the multiday challenges. Items included not only chain, lube and derailleurs, but seat cushions and hand grips for the quad bikes and recumbents.

Also in 2014, one of the Ride2Recovery’s participants, whom was mentored by our team, trained so well that he was able to race in many Paralympic games, and also became a DC Velo team member. He rides for our team, not only in the para games, but in able bodied races here in the MABRA District!

Because of our relationships that we have built at the local level of R2R, we are honored to be on the ground floor committee to plan, and help sponsor a major charity ride for R2R in 2015: the DC HONOR RIDE, scheduled for September 12, 2015. We have been planning routes, establishing start and finish festivities, and will begin raising awareness and our fundraising drive as well as sponsorships.

First Responders Course

The Foundation, in conjunction with our Club and the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, conducts annual First Responders Courses for the MABRA Racing District. This compelling course on safety and emergency management has been offered free of charge to the public since 2010 in cooperation with our Club’s sponsors.

The purpose of the course is to provide the cyclist/lay person with enough first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) knowledge to “respond” if a cyclist is experiencing a medical emergency, before emergency medical personnel have arrived on the scene.

While the course does not take the place of more in-depth or rigorous training given in a standardized CPR and First Aid Certification Course, the course covers: “hands only” CPR; how to make a sling or other support with either clothing or a bandana; how to clean road rash; how to roll a person over into a recovery position; when not to move a person; what to carry in a seat pack for emergencies including allergic reactions.

If you want more information about the Course, and/or are interested in having the Foundation and GWU’s Faculty provide a course for your cycling organization, please contact the Foundation directly on our contact page.  There is a nominal fee for the presentation.

2015 Goals

To partner with the Ride2Recovery non-profit to hold the first ever DC Honor Ride on September 12, 2015.  This is R2R’s fundraising opportunity and to showcase the program to the Nation’s Capital.

To host training rides for the cyclists who will be riding in or volunteering for the September 12, 2015 DC Honor Ride.

To conduct a training camp for the injured and active duty vets in the R2R’s Project Hero Program at the Walter Reed National Medical Center, Bethesda, MD.  This camp will be held over three days to enhance the participant’s bike handling skills, and develop additional camaraderie and individual support as part of their recovery and rehabilitation.

To continue to provide rider support for all Saturday morning R2R Project Hero rides that serve to train and condition the participants for the R2R multi-day Challenges held annually all over the United States.

To find and partner with a local community organization that promotes cycling for underprivileged youth.

To promote awareness of the benefits of cycling for health, fitness and transportation; while emphasizing the individual responsibility each cyclist has to his or her safety and those who share our streets and trails.

To assist in the team’s “First Responder’s Course” held several times each year for the benefit of all cycling teams in the MABRA racing District