Iain MacKeith - Capital Cross, Top Cheese in the Threes

    Iain MacKeith - Capital Cross, Top Cheese in the Threes

    Still Muddy when the start whistle blew, because it had rained from about 13:00 the day before until about 06:00 on race day.  


    But Iain MacKeith did not care.  Lining up for the 3's, he invoked the age old adage, "never yell 'woah' in a mud hole".  Out on the course, Iain floated effortlessly over the mud-quagmires and glided sublimely down the dreaded chute at The Capital 'Cross Classic on December 2, 2018 for a convincing win in the 3s race and a nice ride out of a very successful 2018 CX season.

    Time to spray off the CX bike (don't forget chain lube to prevent rust) and start thinking of warm, happy days on the  road and track where the only mud anywhere in sight will be .. NOWHERE!

    Great Job, Iain and congratulations to the entire DCVelo Development Team who have been successful in their first calendar year, both on and off the bike, beyond anything we could have imagined.

    Full results can be found here.