Marchionini is No Fool @ Hyattsville

    Marchionini is No Fool @ Hyattsville

    Brian Marchionini dropped a McKinney style first-lap attack (2nd turn, 400 meters into the race, at the bottom of the climb) that shattered the 35+ field at the "Route 1 Rampage" hosted in South Hyattsville by the University of Maryland Cycling Team.  

    This was no April Fools' stunt but Sean Barrie and Nate Coleman gamely countered Marchio's bold move and rode away to lap most of the field for the 1-2 spots.  

    Brian, not to be outdone, bookend attacked the balance of the chase group on the last lap - exact same spot - and rolled it in unchallenged for the 3rd slot on the podium.

    The real winners of the day were the City of Hyattsville and the University of MD Cycling Team, who teamed up for a great day of cycling in an exciting downtown / residential setting.