Meidhof, Ross, Brew Triumphant

    Meidhof, Ross, Brew Triumphant

    The weekend was good to Team Beyer Auto. As always a huge thanks to all of our sponsors who make our success possible. There is not much to say outside of letting the athletes give their reports. A brief breakdown:

    Jason Meidhof Wins the Senior division of the Argyle time trial. Merely "shaking out a new bike", Meidhof crushed the bucolic sporting course in the West Virginia countryside. Not to be outdone the Team Beyer Auto 65+ duo Stuart Ross and Matty Parker went 1-2 on the day. 

    Fast forward to Sunday and the result was almost the same except this time it was Senior Team rider DJ Brew on top of the men's 1/2/3 podium with Stuart Ross and Matty Parker taking 1-2... again... Below are reports in the riders own words.


    It was a beautiful course, the rolling and winding roads made the physical effort much more enjoyable.  I wish I could have slowed down to take it all in.

    The race was a combined 55+, 65+ and from my perspective the 55+ is pretty deep. We knew the ride would be better if we could stay with the 55+ and unfortunately,  in the first turn I heard the crash behind me as last year’s BAR Champ, John Cox, went down and then to the hospital. Our race was delayed, which gave us extra trepidation risk/reward considerations with day dream/strategy planning meetings. Thankfully, the officials did not combine us with the 35 +/45+ race and gave us 30 minutes of racing time.

    Lauriston, Matty, Jim and Paul, one of the principles from my PR firm, were attacking and protecting as well. Paul took several turns off the front and the field had to chase back, Lauriston and Matty also kept the pace up to keep the field honest. This race stayed together thanks to the strong 55+ field. With about 3 laps to go, I found myself pulling away from the field and I started thinking of Haverstick’s victory strategy last year, at Tour of Washington County RR, where he rode away from the 55/65 field because the 55+ doesn’t care what the 65+ field does. 

    Unfortunately, the field came back with about ½ lap to go and I was able to square pedal in. This is a hotly contested BAR championship currently between the magnanimous Dr. Matty Parker and myself. As we came to the line I heard him celebrating so I put the last remaining push. I had to pip the win.

    Thanks to all the teammate support and cheering which is definitely an impetus and the race teamwork, an inspiration.


    This race felt like getting back to DC Velo Senior Team fundamentals! We race and we race aggressive, and for first place only, and not since Dimitri’s win at Black Hills has this been more evident. Bunny Hop lends itself to a field sprint, and that’s what was primarily discussed in the pre-race meeting. I knew my legs felt good and my borrowed 808’s were rolling FAST! (Thanks Osiris) I was ready for the sprint and knew where I wanted to launch. After coming in second at this race twice, I wasn’t going to be outfoxed again. 

    Once the race started, our boys were everywhere and on everything. I mean I was even surprised myself! Literally it seemed like we were everywhere! I looked to my left and Mica, Hyatt and Dimitri were flying up the left. I look to my right and Jason and Ryan are flying up the right.  I look up the road and Dimitri, Mica, Hyatt, Jason and Ryan already had that covered too.  We some how seemed to make ourselves omnipresent. All I had to do was follow wheels and stay safe. Nothing dangerous went up the road for long, until our national champ Jason hit the front. Coming off of his win in the Argyle TT yesterday, I knew he would be flying. So when I see him rolling up to the front in the last 10 laps then off the front, I knew he was about to make some people suffer and that I was gonna’ get an armchair ride into the bell lap.  

     What Jason did solo was just a thing of beauty.  He also won a sweet Skagen watch as his gambler’s prime. As we caught him on the bell lap, Ryan rolls up in front of me which was perfect. There were two other guys in front of him so having that one guy was perfect! Going into turn 2 some guy in green and black hit the front hard. Ryan jumped to his wheel and I was glued to Ryan’s. When that guy pulled off half way through the back stretch. Ryan took over. As he was drilling it, a guy in grey came up on the inside and kinda took my line away.

    I could literally hear Tony Barsi breathing hard down the back of my neck and knew now was the time to hit it so I could be first to the last corner. I jumped off Ryan sweet wheel to the outside and beat the field to the last corner. As I straightened up out of the last turn I just hit the gas. I didn’t feel any pressure. It was a tailwind sprint and downhill a bit so I knew that if I could hit out first, it would take all of UHC with Mark Cavendish as their last man to run me down!

    Game, set and match. DC Velo has restored order back to MABRA!

    Here are links to fantastic photos by Allison Mittlestadt: