The 35-45-55 Campaign, Poolesville, May 11, 2019

    The 35-45-55 Campaign, Poolesville, May 11, 2019

    Great Racing at the legendary Poolesville-Roubaix-Poolesville racecourse on a warm Saturday Morning in May.

    The pre-race squad, enjoying the fresh optimism of the day; 10-strong in the 35-45-55 field.

    Pictured L-R: Dan Crocker, Shawn Fenty, Chris Hardee, Mark Sommers, Joe Baremore, DJ Brew, Mike Kingery, Brian  Marchionini,  Aric Line, Phil Ash.

    The 35+ Podium: (L-R) Nate Coleman, Brian Marchionini, Jason Schneider, Donald Brew, Brian Price

    Marchionini was 2nd in the 35+ portion of the combined field.  And not for lack of trying for the "W" - as close as otherwise imaginable due to an heroic, last-lap, partially-solo attack that survived until the final bike length of the race.  Getting caught like that is far better than not reaching for it.

    DJ Brew Was 3rd in the 35's with a solid win in the field sprint.  

    All results, including Iain MacKeith and Alex Kasch racing great in the 1-2-3 event, can be found here.