Team Beyer Auto Training Camp 2015

    Team Beyer Auto Training Camp 2015

    On Saturday, March 14th a large contingent of DC Velo riders and racers drove out of the DC rain into the sunshine of Western Virginia to begin the three day Team Beyer Auto 2015 training camp. Each day multiple groups rolled out from the Riversbend Ranch in Stanley, VA to tackle rides of
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    various paces and distances.The weekend also featured full team car support, catered (amazing) meals and one of the top competition horseshoe pits in the Mid-Atlantic region. Thank you as always to our sponsors for making this happen. If you were at camp, it is time to take your bike to the Bicycle Pro Shop and get things tuned up for racing next week!

    Saturday's ride was a short brutal affair with two significant climbs including the longest steepest continuous climb in Virginia! It was a grind to the clouds that took everyone to task. Despite being rained on during portions of the ride everyone survived the day and put some hard miles in the books. 

    The rollout Sunday morning had the calm determined focus of a group of riders knowing that it was time to get in the woodshed and get it done. Ride leader and DC Velo icon Ryan McKinney had laid out an 85 mile ride with four significant climbs that would meet riders with over 8000 feet of uphill riding. The weather was crisp and clear all day creating the perfect tone for the long ride. An organized lunch stop at the halfway point was the perfect launch for a fast and fun section of road to get the group home.

    Waking Monday with tired legs and big appetites each bite of breakfast was taken with purpose. Time to fuel for day three of training camp!! The weather report for the day, with temperatures projected close to 70 degrees, was like an omen for the day to come keeping spirits high and motivation strong. The rollout for the day was on untested roads that proved to be a bucolic rolling paradise. 

    This was all set aside for a long dirt, rock, muddy jeep trail climb up to Skyline Drive. It was a challenging grizzly push, the payoff for which was a quick snack from the team Kia and a perfect cruise along the Drive. The temperature increased and knee warmers came off for the last two hours of the day as speeds went through through the roof. In all it was a fast, fun, sunny finish to another amazing day of training. 

    Everyone got in amazing miles, stayed safe and ate well. It was a great 2015 training camp so make plans NOW for 2016! 

    Oh yeah.. I almost forgot.. Dimitri befriended a goat...